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anemometer, wind sensor, wind meter, storm chaser, stormchaser weather instruments VORTEX 8-Pulse High Resolution Anemometer

This digital anemometer includes an optical sensor and a reflector disc with eight flags to produce 8 pulses per rotation, ideal for better resolution in low wind speed applications.

High quality.
Machined body.
Made by hand in the USA.

Price: starting at $89.00

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The VORTEX 8-Pulse High Resolution Anemometer includes the following features:

  • Sapphire bearing and Tungsten Carbide-tipped shaft for super low friction
  • Optical sensor with zero friction or contact
  • Fully serviceable construction
  • Aluminum mounting bracket for ease of installation
  • Wire (standard lengths available)
  • Optional tube mount
  • Optional metal cups

The optical sensor is mounted on a round PC board that fits inside the body of the sensor. The sapphire can be seen in the center of the PC board, mounted in a brass holder.

Shown here with the optional tubular mount and optional metal cups:


Here is the data sheet with instructions and detailed information

SENSOR TYPE 3-Cup Lexan rotor. Does not care where unit is pointed.
Optional metal rotor.
Sensor: optical, with 8-flag disc
SENSOR RANGE Up to 125+ MPH and more
DISPLAY None included
OUTPUT Low: <0.1VDC High: 3-3.3VDC
0.31 mph/Hz
POWER Input: 5VDC +/-5%, less than 50mV noise
MOUNTING Aluminum bracket with 2 mounting holes
ACCURACY <4% of reading or 1mph, whichever is greater
ROTOR DIAMETER approx. 6 in (152 mm)
LENGTH approx. 11 in (280 mm) overall
WIDTH approx. 6 in (152 mm)
WIRE Any wire will work. Inpeed wire is 3-conductor with UV-rated jacket, 22 gage
If you open the box and it is not what you wanted or expected, return it within 2 weeks in as-new condition for a 100% refund (not including shipping). We provide a 1 year 100% warranty on any defective parts and/or any failure resulting from normal use.