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anemometer, wind sensor, wind meter, storm chaser, stormchaser weather instruments VORTEX STORM CHASER ™ MAGNETIC MOUNT II ANEMOMETER

This digital storm chaser windsensor with dual display is deigned specifically with the stormchaser in mind. Windsensor registers speeds over 125 mph. The Storm Chaser's magnetic mount lets you monitor the wind from inside your vehicle, not outside! Storm Chaser tested in winds well over 125 mph.

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Storm chaser magnetic mount windsensor for stormchaser enthusiasts.
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The VORTEX Storm Chaser Magnetic Mount Anemometer includes the following:

  • Windsensor
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Mount
  • Wire and display with connector

Mount the Vortex Storm Chaser™ windsensor firmly on your vehicle, run the wire into someplace safe, dry, and warm, stick the display where you can easily see it - and you can get a wind measurement without getting wet or pelted by hail or flying debris!

The Storm Chaser is fully portable, comes with 25 feet of wire and a male/female jack connection, so you can leave the wind speed sensor installed and remove the display when not in use.

SENSOR TYPE 3-Cup rotor
Reed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per rotation.
ROTOR DIAMETER approx. 6 in (150 mm)
SPEED RANGE approx. 3 mph to 125+ mph (~5 kph to over 200 kph)
MOUNTING Storm Chaser supplied with an aluminum mounting bracket with a heavy duty antenna-style magnet.
Total rated magnetic pull is over 100 lbs.
Designed to be mounted on a sheet metal (ferromagnetic!) vehicle.
User-tested in winds over 100 mph (head-on).
For best long term durability remove from vehicle between uses
WIRE Standard length is 25 feet (8m)
Shorter lengths available on request
Wire can be extended using any 1/8" jack audio cables

LCD Digital Display is a Sigma Sport Model BC-1200 bicycle computer.
Dual Display simultaneously shows CURRENT SPEED (top display)plus:
MAX, AVERAGE, KM/MILES, or several other (bicycle-related) functions.
Select mph or km/h (knots too if you wish - see Owners Instructions for details)
Water-resistant (not waterproof).

Provided with high strength self-adhesive Velcro pads for mounting the display

POWER CR2032 Coin Battery located in the display, not the rotor/head.
Battery life 1 to 3 years of intermittent, occasional use.
A few months to a year of continuous use, depending on wind conditions and mode of use
(Display goes to low power mode when the wind speed drops to zero,
or if removed from the bracket when not in use)
SPEED RESOLUTION Top Display (Current Speed): 0.1 mph
Bottom Display (Max, Average, etc.): 0.01 mph
DIGIT SIZE Top Display (Current Speed): 10mm (approx. 1/2")
Bottom Display (Max, Average, etc.): 5mm (approx. 1/4")
UPDATE RATE Approximately 1Hz (1 second)
ACCURACY a few tenths of a mph from 4 to 10 mph
+/-4% from 10 to 50 mph
estimated within 4% above 50 mph
click HERE for a calibration chart

Since bicyclists do not want their average speed to be diminished when they come to a stop, the computer will only record and average when the wind is blowing.  It stops recording below approximately 1 mph.  That means that  if the wind blows for 2 hours at 20 mph and 2 hours at zero, the average shown will be 20, not 10!  Please keep this in mind for your desired use of the Vortex Storm Chaser. 

WORKAROUND :  If you want to know the real average wind speed - even with spells near zero, do the following:  reset the computer, note the time.  When desired, simply divide the total number of wind "miles" on the display by the number of hours since reset. 

Click on the link below and look for the BC1200 CYCLE COMPUTER for more details on the display:

Check out Steve Miller's site at; he uses a Vortex windsensor!
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Stormchaser photo of tornado in Chicago
Expert storm chaser Chris Novy took this photo on a Sunday drive near Chicago...


Storm Chaser windsensor on a  stormchaser's desk with stuffed animal
Some customers take their
Vortex windsensors very seriously..

Storm Chaser on the finder of a stormchaser jeep
Yes, you can stick your Storm Chaser on the fender of your jeep..




Storm Chaser Mag Mount
If the rotor on your Vortex looks like this: Vortex Storm Chaser Mag Mount "M1 Rotor" Users Instructions.

Storm Chaser Mag Mount D2
If the rotor on your Vortex looks like this: Vortex Storm Chaser Mag Mount "D2 Rotor" Instructions

NOTE: Make sure to select the proper instructions; different rotor styles have different calibration numbers
Thank you!

Click here to view or download simplified instructions for the Sigma Sport BC1200 Computer.


1 year 100% warranty on any defective parts and/or any failure resulting from normal use.

And if you open the box and it is not what you wanted or expected, return it within 2 weeks in as-new condition for a 100% refund (sorry - not including shipping!).

Basically - our goal your complete satisfaction.