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Anemometers INSPEED VORTEX VISUAL VANE (not electronic)

Rugged Visual Wind Vane (non-electronic) with low friction bearing provides a convenient way to see which way the wind is coming from. Available with Vertical Bracket for mounting wherever you wish, or an Offset Bracket for mounting with the same screws as the Vortex Wind Sensor (see note), or ithe Mag Mount mounting (see photo).

Note: Early Vortex Wind Sensor brackets were hand-drilled, so the holes may not line up, potentially requiring some drilling. Wind sensors acquired from 2004 and beyond should have matching holes. The bracket is 1/8" aluminum - very easy to bend or drill.

Visual Vane $29.50

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The Vortex Visual Vane is a rugged device for monitoring wind direction.

The Vortex Visual Vane includes the following major items:

  • a high quality balanced vane pressed on a stainless steel shaft
  • low friction design for high sensitivity in light air
  • a rugged Delrin body with bronze bushings
  • a flat aluminum mounting bracket with 2 holes

Shown offset mounted with the Vortex Wind Sensor

Shown here mounted on the Storm Chaser Mag Mount Wind Speed Sensor

Shown here with offset bracket

SENSOR TYPE Balanced vane - non electronic, for visual use
MOUNTING BRACKET Supplied with an aluminum mounting bracket with 2 holes for screws.
Designed to be mounted on top of a pole or bracket.
Custom brackets available up request (offset, for example)

Instructions: not available - it's that simple!

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1 year 100% warranty on any defective parts and/or any failure resulting from normal use.

And if you open the box and the wind sensor is not what you wanted or expected, return it within 2 weeks in as-new condition for a 100% refund (sorry - not including shipping!).

Basically - our goal is your complete satisfaction.