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Anemometers WindTracker Data Logger By Logic Energy

This battery-powered data logger lets you capture wind speed and/or direction as simply as can be. Data is stored automatically once per second once turned on, in the on-board memory chip. Data is retrieved by inseting an SD card - and analysis is provided by a FREE online tool. The data you get is fixed - in the form of a bar graph and wind rosette.
Truly easy to set up and use.
Accepts one or two wind speed sensors (Inspeed Vortex or Davis), and one wind direction sensor. For wind direction and speed, use Davis wind sensors (we at Inspeed do not have a compatible wind direction sensor yet!).
If you just want wind speed, use one or two Inspeed Vortex Wind Speed Sensor(s).

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NOTE: wind sensors extra

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The Logic Energy WindTracker is a battery-powered device that works with one or two wind speed sensors, and/or a wind direction vane. See the Logic Energy Web Site for more information.

Here is the link to the Sales Sheet for the WindTracker.

Setup is fixed and automatic; you do not need to set anything up. It automatically stores data every second.

Data retrieval from the WindTracker is via SD card - insert it and the data is put on it automatically.

The anaylsis is also fixed and automatic - bar graph and wind rosette.

For detailed information, see the Owners Manual (click on the blue Owners Manual tab above).

Note about wind speed and direction:
At this point, Inspeed only offers compatible sensors for wind speed. If you want wind speed and direction, it is best that you purchase the speed and direction combination direct from Davis. Click on ADD TO CART to see options and selections.

Here is the link to the Sales Sheet for the WindTracker.

Click on the Owners Manual tab to see the details about the setup and operation - it is very simple...!


Wind speed:
Inspeed Vortex or Davis

Wind direction:
Davis only (wind speed and direction)
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Data stored to an on-board memory chip and retrieved via SD card

Data analysis is fixed (not user-programmable) and provided via a FREE online web tool


Power is provided by two Type C batteries
Battery life: hard to estimate - on the order of months. Sorry! best we have at this point!


80mm X 185mm X 56mm

Comes in IP-rated weatherproof enclosure.


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Owners Manual information:

Here is a Quick Installation Guide (coming soon)

...and a more detailed Owners Manual (coming soon)....

Warranty: If you open the box and it is not what you wanted or expected, return it within 2 weeks in as-new condition for a 100% refund (not including shipping). We provide a 1 year 100% warranty on any defective parts and/or any failure resulting from normal use.