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Anemometers WindWorks "Multi" 5+1 Wind Data Logging System

This device has all the same data logging capabilities as WindWorks:
- wind speed and direction logging to a PC or MAC
- user-selected data logging interval
- live display of wind speed and direction...

...with the following differences:
- stramlined live display (no large blue compass; see photo to the right)
- up to 5 wind sensors and one Inspeed e-Vane

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Price (interface board and software only - sensors extra): $225.00

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WindWorks Multi Interface Board
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WindWorks "Multi" Software
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The WindWorks "Multi" allows you to log computer data from one to five Inspeed Vortex series wind sensors and an Inspeed e-Vane, simultaneously, on either a PC or a Mac. For details about WindWorks, please click here. The main features of the WindWorks Multi are as follows:

- Direct data logging into a PC or a Mac (data collection limited only by your hard disc capacity)

- Acquire data from one, two, three, four, or five wind sensors and one e-Vane simultaneously

- Simple to set up and operate

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"Preferences" provides the following capabilities:

  • Units selection:  mph, kph, knots, m/sec

  • Filename:  the name and location of the data file

  • Interval:  the number of minutes between stored data sets.  It is also the interval over which the stored wind speed will be averaged - in minutes. 
    (Note: this is not the same average as  the Live Display, which averages over the entire time since the live displays were last reset).

  • Auto Log Start: enables the software data logging feature whenever the computer is turned on - automatically.

  • Coming soon: internet posting...


The data stored includes the current speed, the max and min during the previous storage interval, the wind direction, and the average wind speed over the interval selected. 

It is stored in ASCII format such that it can be read by virtually any graphing software.  An example is shown here where the storage interval was one minute.

Stopping and starting the program APPENDS the new data and does NOT overwrite existing data.

See WindWorks for detailed specifications  
Photos coming soon!
Click here to view the User Instructions (PDF; 1.1MB)
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