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Now with logging to the internet (November 2009)

The WindWorks platform provides comprehensive, accurate wind speed & direction data at an affordable price.
It is compatible with the Inspeed Vortex wind sensor & electronic e-Vane, and includes interface electronics with USB cable, and WindWorks software. See below for details. All you need to provide is a computer and a place to mount the wind & direction sensors.
NOTE: requires that the computer be on all the time for recording.

Compatible with PC or MAC!

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Price: starting at $189.00

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For Windware users wanting to add wind direction:
The new e-Vane requires a WindWorks Interface Board to work with WindWorks Software. The e-Vane will not work with Windware. So getting wind direction requires new hardware. Your Inspeed Vortex wind sensor is compatible with the new interface board, but the software is completely new. See below for details.

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WindWorks Main Screen
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WindWorks Interface Board
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Inspeed Wind Sensor and E-Vane

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The WindWorks Kit includes everything necessary to collect wind speed data: a quality Inspeed Vortex Wind Sensor, an Inspeed electronic E-Vane wind direction sensor, wire, and interface cable.
It is based on a powerful processing unit that has plenty of room for future goodies (like other sensors... on-board data logging...).

To the right is a photo of the WindWorks Processing Unit with USB Cable. The blue terminal block is where to attach the sensors.

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The live display provides a real-time readout of the following information:
  • Current wind speed
  • Maximum wind speed since last reset, as well as the time stamp when the max was recorded.
  • Average wind speed since the last Reset.  The date and time of the last reset is also shown. 
  • Minimum wind speed since last reset, as well as the time stamp when the min was recorded. 

The live display also includes the following controls:

  • Reset Displays:  to reset the Live Displays (not the data acquisition)

  • Data Log On/Off: to start and stop data logging.

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"Preferences" provides the following capabilities:

  • Units selection:  mph, kph, knots, m/sec

  • Alarm speed : allows you to set up an alarm speed that will change the display when tripped.
  • Auto Log Start: enables the software data logging feature whenever the computer is turned on - automatically.
  • Rotor value: the calibration factor for the wind sensor (in mph/Hz)
  • Direction adjustments: allows you to smooth direction data, offset it if the vane is not pointed in the right direction, and adjust the voltage for precision setting.
  • Filename:  the name and location of the data file
  • Interval:  the number of minutes between stored data sets.  It is also the interval over which the stored wind speed will be averaged - in minutes. 
    (Note: this is not the same average as  the Live Display, which averages over the entire time since the live displays were last reset). You can input fractions of a minute if desired.
  • Auto Log Start: enables the software data logging feature whenever the computer is turned on - automatically.
  • Log to Internet : this feature allows you to stream live data to the URL of your choice. It also includes the capability to constantly update a live display at the URL of your choice. Read the instructions for more details.

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The data stored includes the current speed, the max and min during the previous storage interval, the wind direction, and the average wind speed over the interval selected. 

It is stored in ASCII format such that it can be read by virtually any graphing software.  An example is shown here where the storage interval was one minute.

Stopping and starting the program APPENDS the new data and does NOT overwrite existing data.

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SPEED RANGE Approx. 3 to approx. 150 mph. (~5 to ~ 240 kph)
ACCURACY better than +4% of reading (ex: 20 mph +0.8 mph)
SAMPLING RATE peak wind gusts are monitored at a constant rate of 1 Hz (once per second)
OPERATING SYSTEM The wind speed data logging software is compatible with PC’s running Windows® XP, 98, or 2000.
Also compatible with MAC OSX.
DATA STORAGE INTERVAL User-selectable in minutes or fractions thereof.
DATA FILE Data files are created in ASCII format with time and date stamp
Data stored includes current, and max/min/averae for the selected interval
The amount of data stored depends on available disk space 
Stopping and restarting the data collection APPENDS data in the same file, does NOT overwrite
OTHER APPLICATIONS WindWorks does not use computer CPU power for data collection; this is done in the WindWorks processor (in the black box). Therefore, other programs can be running on the computer whilst WindWorks is running without threatening data integrity.

The WindWorks interface board connects to the computer via USB. Only one USB port is needed.

GRAPHING Sorry – no graphs included at this time – just data - but making them is a piece of cake.
      (it takes only seconds to create a graph using software like Microsoft Excel®...).



WindWorks is only compatible with the Inspeed Vortex wind sensor, which provides one digital pulse per rotation.
Standard lengths of wire available when you click on Add to Cart.
Current Vortex Users:   Any Inspeed Vortex Anemometer Wind Sensor can be used with the data logging software.  Simply disconnect the cyclometer display and connect the wind sensor to the box. 

WIND VANE WindWorks is only compatible with the Inspeed E-Vane, which provides 0-5VDC per rotation. Standard lengths of wire available when you click on Add to Cart.


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INSTRUCTIONS: Click here to dowload the instructions.

WindWorks is for use with Inspeed Vortex Wind Sensors with D2 rotors (see the photo below). Select 2.5 as the Rotor Value in the Setup screen (this corresponds to 2.5 mph per rotation per second).
D2 Rotor
WindWorks is also compatible with older "M1" rotors. If the rotor on your Vortex wind sensor looks like the following photo you are using an "M1 Rotor". Select 3.4 as the Rotor Value in the Setup screen (this corresponds to 3.4 mph per rotation per second).
M1 Rotor

If you open the box and it is not what you wanted or expected, return it within 2 weeks in as-new condition for a 100% refund (not including shipping). We provide a 1 year 100% warranty on any defective parts and/or any failure resulting from normal use.